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Sending Private Mail- what am I doing wrong

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Am I doing anything wrong? I notice when I try to send private mail by clicking the submit it is not being sent but goes into the outbox. Is this normal? To clear the outbox I appear to have to go to edit a message and click submit again, surely this is not right?

I cannot imagine mail is held in the outbox until the intended recipient comes on line, help please :?

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Just tested Autostratus theory, sent a message to them while they are off line. Sure enough it's sitting in the outbox. If it goes when they come on line, theory completed! :wink:
Now that's interesting! Gillian is off line on here but showing on line in the "whos online" list on the right of the home page!
No wonder I don't understand computers! :roll:
Now then! You've even got a website that is so advanced, it can tell when you leave to get your wheatypops!
Wonder if I'll go off line as I make a fresh brew. Tea, coffeee, milk sugar anyone :lol: :lol: :lol:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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