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Settling Finance

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I currently have a motorhome for sale with outstanding finance on it. I have not got the money to pay the finance off until I have sold it, but it makes it difficult to sell, because there is finance outstanding, and people are, quite naturally worried about buying it. What is the best way forward in this situation.

I have received quite a good offer on it, but he wants to know if it possible for him to make a bankers draft out to the finance company, rather than to me. I will contact the company to ask this in the morning.
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Thats quite normal and the finance company will be more than happy to have a settlement from someone else just the same as they would from you.

Its also very often the same with a car dealer, they are left to sort the finance out after taking a car in part exchange.

Speak to the finance company but i expect they will even be willing to take a debit card payment rather than a bankers draft, will save you some time and expense that way.
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