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in our van we have a gas 10ltr water heater (the sort thats installed into most motorhomes)
the problem is that i want use my onboard shower, but 10ltrs is just not enough to get a good shower.
is there any other way of heating the water other than using the water heater

how do you use your shower ?
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Rogerdodge said:
Step one, get shower room nice and hot - blown air heating is very good for this - turn all the other vents in the van off.
Step two - turn on shower - run to temperature - get soaked then TURN OFF water.
Step three - soap thoroughly all over.
Step four - Turn water back on and rinse.
Uses only a few pints of water.
Works for me.
:D This works for us too, except we don't use step one. 8)
:D Well why didn't you say that in the first place Riggy. You could have an instant gas water/wall heater. You could have a 50 gallon tank on the roof heated by Solar power. The list is endless. :roll:

I have always said that people who spend too long in the shower and too often, often have a lot of sins/guilt to wash away. 8O
:D Hi Riggy. Are you referring to 12v or 240v electric? Gas should be straight forward. Normal house instant water heaters can be modified to run on LPG.
hymmi said:

My husbands life would not be worth living,if step one had not been done at least 15mins before he wakes me up with a nice cuppa. :wink:

We use ours exactly the same as Rogerdodge,water lasts about three days.
Ours lasts 3 to 4 WEEKS.

Riggy 12v could be a BIG problem (not enough power) 240v look here for an elegant solution :-
8O In my post Riggy I did mention that domestic could be converted to LPG. 8)
:D There is actually a shower system that you can buy that continually recycles the water after filtration. That might solve your problem. :D 8)
:D Hi benandlizzie. Our old Coachmen (sold) had a 60 gal tank (none of this messy litres for us). We shower once a week. :oops: As I mentioned, it lasts us around 3 to 4 weeks. We wet down. Soap up. Rinse off. Sometimes, we use the bucket and cloth method. I think people nowadays put too much on cleanliness and not on being clean. There is a difference. 8O
:D I know it was a while since this thread was posted. But I just found this link to something that may be a solution? :-
1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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