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Signing Off Now Until 7th August

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Off to France/Italy on Wednesday for 11 weeks, so thanks to all who have helped me so far this year with all my queries. Hope you all have a good summer wherever you go, we are going to try a few aires this time, and go on only essential motorways,keeping a log to see how much money we might save here and there. So cheers for now.
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Bon Vacance e Buona Vacanza!

We are just a week behind you, leaving 24 May also for 11 weeks. May see you on the road - don't know which road yet, can't decide but think might start with the Moselle.

Safe journeys.



Can I come? I don't snore but I do eat a lot.

Have a fab time. Any help is only a forum post away.

Bit stupid saying have a good trip seeing as you have signed off.
Have a good trip.
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