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SIM question again

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My contract with Vodafone runs out next week - unfortunately a week before I get home.

I don't want to renew with them because of their charges for roaming (£2/day or, if you buy an 8- or 15-day pass, £1/day)

However, I have found Voda reception in France, Spain and Portugal generally quite good so I'm looking at going with someone who uses Voda as a carrier. Talkmobile is one, and there's an offer of 100GB and unlimited calls n texts (which is what I have ATM) for £7.95/mth for 12 months (after cashback.

It includes free roaming (tho I've just realised I don't know what their reasonable usage policy is...) and WiFi calling tho that's generally no use to me cos my mobile data IS my WiFi at home as well as on the move.

I generally use in the region of 30GB at home (obviously less that 25 when away) so I don't NEED the 100GB but, bizarrely, it's the cheapest!

Does anyone have experience with talkmobile? Specifically, is its performance on a par with Vodafone?
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This from Talkmobile who use the Vodafone network.

I only put it up because I'm with them and the back up is excellent.
I've yet to go but a bit of both if we're camped somewhere picturesque, we like to wander around historic towns but my mobility is poor these days.
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Worth a look for use on the phone, if I use my phone as a hotspot so would it still work and do I use it via the phone or the laptop.
Ah as I thunk I suppose the test is how much it use on Opera V Chrom for the same down load, not sure how one would qauntify it though.
Ok, Thank You.
Does this help Jean?

You can use all your data allowance while away. You are due to fair usage while roaming and your phone call should be cut off after 2 hours per call, but then you would be able to make another call right away.

Help - Popit Mobile › help
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