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I did a search and this is what came up first...maybe a little too far away.

Yak Famers

However IOW has some IOW

..and this one

WiFi? Why not?
As somebody who is still in the slow lane of the 'information highway' I have only just learnt what WiFi is all about. Apparently, it stands for 'Wireless Fidelity'.
Let me try and explain the importance of this to Practical Motorhome readers. If we stay in our motorcaravans on the Maustin Caravan Park at Kearby, near Wetherby in Yorkshire, it will now be possible to use a wireless-enabled laptop computer in your motorhome to pick up emails and to access the internet. So, there's no need to traipse over to the site's technology suite in its restaurant, or for any connecting wires. If not the first, then this is one of the first sites so equipped.
The Yorkshire Tourist Board reports that the caravan park's guests are already making use of this new facility, so I have deduced that the owners are ahead of the game and not at all off-course.
I thought WiFi would be used mostly by people enjoying a working holiday, but it appears that it is very popular with holidaymakers who wish to send personal messages, and find information about routes, weather and what's on in a particular area.
To me, the most important feature on both my mobile phone and my computer is the 'off' button, so us Luddites shall continue to enjoy the other first-class facilities on this family-run site which nestles in the heart of Emmerdale country. And Maustin Caravan Park is not just hot on technology, either, it also takes environ-mental issues seriously and so has been given a David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation. Indeed, Red Kites released into the wild from Harewood Bird Garden can be seen here.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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