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Skin cancer hits again

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Well after 18 years since my melanoma was removed, along with its sentinel node, I have just had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from one shin after the biopsy showed that it was spreading as they do, locally.

Prior to that ihave had ultrasound, a CAT scan and now a PET scan to ascertain if there were any further problems as I have one node that is decidedly lumpy, that has not proved to be significant.

So, my message to everyone is NOT to ignore any odd scaly patches, lumps or areas that become red, or of course, any moles that enlarge, change colour, or bleed - get them checked asap.

i am now sat with my leg raised, knowing the stitches could not close the gap as there is no spare skin on your shin. That will heal VERY slowly over months with dressings daily along with antibiotic cream, non-adherent gauze and so on. The first dressing change this morning is being done by the nurse, at my daughter’s house, where we currently are until Monday afternoon, after that I hope MrsW’s nursing skills will be able to cope.

But “the first cut is the deepest”, is wrong - the second one was deeper and longer and wider….(P. P. Arnold was wrong !).
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Only one possible comment:


Keep it clean !
My surgery was done by the Consultant in her clinic, as much minor surgery major surgery (minor is what everyone else goes in for, major is what you go in for) is done without admission - it’s quicker and safer but skin grafts cannot be harvested in such a manner without a GA I believe, or a block as the excision from the donor site is soooo painful.

Ray might like to comment on that as he has had that experience, but I believe most people complain of most pain from the donor site…. MrsW’s nursing background confirms that belief from her experiences on wards.
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MrsW says it’s not a terrible job and can be quite easy…….

I hope that it goes well, I suspect your free fall skydiving days might be limited, but at least you will be able to go through an airport scanner without setting the alarms off……
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Your internet sounds as outstanding as ours…. We are paying for 4G via Most we get is 3G and often not even 0.5G. Our mobile phones are also with Orange anonly mine works at the house, even then it is best if we are in the garden - great if a call is coming in, wait outside in the rain which cuts the signal still further…..

We now have fibre optic lines near us, but not that near as “we don’t have a fixed phone line”.

No, of course we don’t because you (Orange) cut it off three years ago saying “it was too unstable” even though it had worked perfectly for 11 years using U.K. Telecom.

What a frigging disaster Communications are in France……

I hope your leg does start to show signs of granulation, you need it to heal from the bottom otherwise it will simply form an ulcer. No easy way that I know of to guarantee that, unless you happen to be able to find some stem cells and implant those……. No ? I thought not, they are not things we tend to keep in the batrooom cabinet….
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Thanks Ray, do keep us informed how tomorrow goes and whether your 90km excursion actually gets you anywhere.

It has been suggested that we try Free as their packages are good and their Customer Service better than most. Our daughter had a new phone line put in by them on Thursday and the internet box arrived Friday - good service.

BUT there was a wiring fault on the phone line - “they will sort it out”. I will keep you updated….
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