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Skin cancer hits again

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Well after 18 years since my melanoma was removed, along with its sentinel node, I have just had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from one shin after the biopsy showed that it was spreading as they do, locally.

Prior to that ihave had ultrasound, a CAT scan and now a PET scan to ascertain if there were any further problems as I have one node that is decidedly lumpy, that has not proved to be significant.

So, my message to everyone is NOT to ignore any odd scaly patches, lumps or areas that become red, or of course, any moles that enlarge, change colour, or bleed - get them checked asap.

i am now sat with my leg raised, knowing the stitches could not close the gap as there is no spare skin on your shin. That will heal VERY slowly over months with dressings daily along with antibiotic cream, non-adherent gauze and so on. The first dressing change this morning is being done by the nurse, at my daughter’s house, where we currently are until Monday afternoon, after that I hope MrsW’s nursing skills will be able to cope.

But “the first cut is the deepest”, is wrong - the second one was deeper and longer and wider….(P. P. Arnold was wrong !).
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Sorry to read this Dave, I hope you will mend quicker than you anticipate.

Blimey Ray can we have a warning next time, it looks like something out of a horror film. When was the photo taken and how is it now?
Ooooh looks messy... and painful. Methinks a skin graft might have been helpful! Rapid healing both of you!

A skin graft was an option when I had a Bcc removed from my scalp, but it would have left a bald patch so plastic surgeon cut circle into ellipse, loosened the skin from the scalp and pulled the two edges together, healed a treat.
I did start to ask wasn't a skin graft possible, but as both didn`t have one thought maybe with such an open wound it was not possible so deleted what I had written.
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