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Sky+ contract questions.

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I'm considering getting a Sky+ box which is on offer. But I have a few questtions.

Can you cancel te Sky contract in 1 to 2 years time and still keep the box?

Do you have to keep the box attached to the phone line or can I remove it and take it in the van together with a Multimo dish, which I have?

However overall there does seem to be a good package with the Sky broadband and SkyTalk. The whole package being £31 per month and £30 set up. This compares fairly well with my current cost of £11 line rental plus £17.50 broadband.
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We have two Sky+ Boxs in our house. As far as I know the box is yours after the first 12months. It is meant to be conected to a phone line all the time as well. But we have used ours in the van and never had a problem.

Now we dont bother taking the + box but still use the card in the box in the M/H with no problems as we only have the 6 mixes which dont need the card paring to the box.

You own the box from day one. A phone line only needs to be connected for the first twelve months.

If you don't have one or don't want to connect a phone line, you can pay a one off opt out fee of £25.
We have had our sky+ box in the motorhome for over 4 years (In those days we had to pay an extra monthly fee for the service) and have never had a land-line connected. Things may have changed, but we explained that we were building our house in 'the middle of nowhere' with no telephone and they were happy, and never asked for an opt-out.

We are not getting the building done very (who cares!) fast but they have just sent us a replacement card so they must be happy with the situation.

Cheers, Roger
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