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BERTHA said:
Hi All

After sitting on the M25 for a number of hours last Friday we realised that there was very little air passing through the coach.

In the end, at low speed, very low speed, we lowered the window in the door.

However, I am unsure what to do for occupants of the house part of the motorhome when it gets hot and/or you require some air flow.

There are 3 Skylights, the big one lifts from the right so I can understand you would not open this while driving, however, the other 2 smaller skylights open from the rear.
So that the front edge of the skylight is down and facing the direction of travel.

Is it safe to open these smaller skylights while traveling?

Yesterday I also went out and purchased from B&Q a AIr Cooler system which you fill with water, it fits quite well just in side our door when traveling. It runs off an Inverter plugged in to the base cab socket and will only operate when engine is running.

Can someone be so kind to point me to the topic of keeping your Radio ON when ignition is off I have done search but can't find

Many thanks

Hello Bertha

We never travel with the skylights open although we notice some folk do.

We have left rear windows just open on the catch to allow ventilation but this does mean the cutains get rather dirty. If it was me I would have 12 volt fan blowing on me to keep me cool. Alternatively there is the pricy air conditioning that is available.

What were the details of the little water cooled air cooler you bought at BQ. I couldnt find it on their website. Sounds interesting.

We have air conditioning in the cab area but not the main living area. We use fans

There are others here with other ideas who will be along later.

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