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Slow sink

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The kitchen sink really drains really slowly which might indicate that it's blocked or suffering from grease build-up. Can I use commercial sink unblocking products or will this damage the pipe?
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My kitchen sink drained slowly well hardly at all till I found the bathroom sink with the plug in causing a air lock. Even now sometimes I have to swirl the water in a circle with my hand and it drains away.

Mick - our van is the same. Our vans are from the same 'stable' and supplied by the same UK dealer. When I complained to them they told me that they are all the same due to one drain pipe not having a good enough slope. I insisted they check it out - they did, and confirmed it was normal.

Unless there is another cause my guess is that it is normal , if unsatisfactory, for that van. If the sink is fairly full we find it goes reasonably quickly but if there is little water in the sink then that is when it takes forever - you just have to learn to be patient.

Hello gorobschnitt,
My shower drain took forever to empty. I poked about 4ft. of swish curtain wire down and up for a few minutes. You can leave a screwed loop in the end and attach some rough string to aid the cleaning process.
Not only did it drain faster but lumps of gunge and saop residue came out of the waste tank later.

We have the same problem on our Autotrail Cheyenne 840D - except ours is the washbasin not the kitchen sink - again the fuller the washbasin the better it runs away. However if the outside drain tap is left open running into the Wastemaster tank the problem virtually disappears. Also the slope of the van seems to affect the flow, often not in the direction you would think would logically improve things (ie sloping towards the drain hose).
I think therefore in our case the problem is a mix of poor pipe run (insufficient slope) and lack of breather hole/pipe in waste tank causing a build up of back pressure until the tap is opened.
For times when the basin wont empty we go high tech and use a sink plunger!!

It seems to be a problem for quite a few kitchen sinks, especially if over the fridge, no where to put the fall, only two methods seem to work, fill the sink, good but wasteful, or get a small sink plunger :black:

We have the same problem, cured by just having front of van just slightly lower than back! :D
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