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Smart Car Beam deflectors

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I have just bought a set of Universal Beam Benders to fit on to my 2001 LHD Smart car for my trip next week to Europe
I have never seen anything so unclear and difficult to use before
Has any one tried to establish what picture should be used to line up the adhesive mask?
Cos my headlamp lens and bulb locations are, nothing like what the Smart car picture says they should look like I have given up
Any help would be appreciated
Happy wheels
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A bit of Duck Tape. Used this for years on cars, bikes and the motorhome.

Dam sight cheaper than beam benders. I know this doesn't answer your post, is there no lines or markings on the lens?

loads of lines. More like Clapham junction
shine your lights on a wall and using a piece of card our your hand try and remove the kick up part of the beam, that's were you put the duck tape.
You end up with a flat beam on the wall

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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