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So, How Much "Damp" is Damp?

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I just received my new damp meter yesterday, primarily so I could take my own readings on my MH and compare them to the readings from the Hab Check, before I stert to strip & re-seal the joints.

like you do with a new gadget, I started with testing the nearest wood, a piece of 3" x 3" PSE in my kitchen (That's been there for about a year) and it read 12%. I then tested another piece that hed been in the garage forever, 14%. My dining table was 12%!

At what point is "Damp" classed as being a "Problem" then?

I got readings from 12% to 26% inside the van, near the seal strips but based on my dining table, maybe it's not as much of a problem as I'd thought.

Where would you draw the line and start the big strip-off?

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As far as I know 12% is normal, but I would start to get a worried with 26%.

But someone will be here shortly who really knows :D
I am not sure to your question but last years damp test on my van was 11% pretty much all over. For some reason though, 20% sticks in my mind for a further investigation.

I may be talking twaddle but I just test all over the van and note any significant increase in an area as being a cause for concern.
I would say that a 12% to 26% difference could need investigation but different surfaces can give different values.
Also say there as been a decent temp increase in a short period of time if I open my van doors, within minutes, there is condensation inside due to the warm damp air condensing on the internal surfaces.
Testing then could give me false readings.
Also giving % values that are damp and % values that arent on a meter wouldnt be transferable from one meter to another, so isnt really an option.

Ive just read all this and dont know whether it helps or not :oops: .

But I could think of some double ententres using the title of this post if that would help :D .
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Steve is correct. 20% is the bench mark. Below and you are OK, above and you should start looking for reasons why. Check the seals around where you are reading 26% you may have a slight crack letting in just a little water. Damp readings should only be taken after the van has been well ventillated for a couple of hours to let the condensation clear. On a caravan or motorhome service it is always the last thing to be done after the door has been left open for the rest of the service checks.

Thanks for the heads up folks, I'll use 20% as my borderline.

To the folks who have asked which damp meter I bought, it was from Ebay, it's a natty device with 4 test prongs, not 2 and it has a Hold function, for when you take a reading and at arms length or inside a cupboard etc, where you can't see the read-out and it even comes with a Duracell hi-power 9v battery. It was from a bloke called uk-et and it is called a Digital Moisture Damp Meter. It is rubber cased with a carry case and tests up to 40%. Total cost £20.40 and was delivered in 24hrs.

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