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SOG Fitting - what drill/cutter size and type?

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Hi folks

Please excuse me if this topic has been covered, when I searched for answers it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I decided to use this weekend to fit my sog, only to find that I didn't have the right hole cutters, and the recommended size for the fan is ... interesting. Why couldn't they sell kit that we can use those "standard" packs to make holes?

So, if you have fitted your sog DIY please confirm the following cutter sizes:
1. For the elbow, 35mm
2. For the fan, 38mm

The instructions recommend 36-37mm for the fan but I can't seem to locate cutters of that size.

For that matter, what type of cutter did you use to make the hole/s?

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From recollection I just went for a standard size close to the one quoted. Not important as you can always fill in with silicone sealant, which is what is recommended.
However, personally I would not bother with the smell and coating due to using a SOG. All toilet fluid is now biodegradable so a SOG is no longer needed.
Use chemicals and avoid the stench.
I thought that the whole object was to move the stench from the inside to the outside?

...I already have a SOG, what's to lose by installing it?
If the outside is too smelly, I can still chuck in some friendly chemicals. That way the inside is totally smell-free and the outside tolerable.

Is that official both here and in Europe or your interpretation of it? I will be pleased to save the money and time not fitting one.
DONT bother buying a hole cutter . . use a small [2mm] drill bit and make a series of holes in a circle very slightly smaller than the desired 'sog' hole then use a file to remove the edges and fit . . I've used this method in two vans with 100% success
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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