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solar panel

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Hi everybody
I am fitting two 50 watt solar panels to the roof of my motorhome using the sargent box as my regulator the plug from sargent has a lenght of wire off it but its thin I cant find out what wire thickness I should be using for the connection
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Thanks pete 4mm thick wire is a lot thicker than the wire off the sargent plug
I don't know what your Sargent lead is but 4 mm is the recommended wire from Kyocera and will avoid voltage drop so you get the maximum output from the panels. Don't forget to put an inline fuse as near as possible to either battery or in your case the Sargent module
The man from sargent watches this forum and will hopefully put you right.

Sargent technical people are on

01482 678981
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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