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Hello All
Dave (Nukeadmin) as recently uploaded three articles I did for the first time visitors to the battlefield of the Somme area of France, they are guides for visiting some of the more interesting spots for those who are on limited time. (They will probably be of no use to the regular visitor).
They consist of three parts,
Part 1 The Introduction,
Part 2 The Area West of the Bapaume Rd, and
Part 3 The Area East of the Bapaume Rd.
They can be found on "Downloades, Articles".
Please feel free to use these aticles for yourself or anyone else you may feel could benefit from them. The whole object of the exercise is to bring to the attention of as many people as possible that we should continue to visit and show our respects to those that are still over there.
If anyone needs any specific information don't hesitate to contact me off line or on if need be and if possible I'll help.
Regards Eddie.
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