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Spare bulb kit for Fiat Ducato 2007

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Any ideas of the best place to buy online a spare bulb kit for a 2007 Fiat Ducato? We are off to France (only for a couple of weeks, unfortunately) in September and I think it's a requirement there to carry a spare set of bulbs (plus it's probably a good idea, anyway).


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v cheap

these bulb & fuse sets are or can be spurious sets available from many motorhome/camping stores.

I bought one y/day for 7 euro
All French supermarkets carry then for about €4 to €6.
French Lidl and Aldi often have them for €2.99.

I needed a set for my MH and a set for my Smart (absolute waste of time as you either need to be treble jointed or take the front off it to change a headlight bulb).

Anyway, Halfords did a kit covering Smart but not one for MH (2008 Boxer aka Ducatto). When I took a close look at the data tables, the Smart kit actually covered the MH...rear lights on a Boxer were different but given the rear lights are fitted by the converter and probably something different, decided to risk it with single set.
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