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spinflo grill advice needed

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hi all m/h 2007 has spinflo combined oven/grill, oven is fine but the grill when lit the front third lights (5 gas flames) and the rear third lights (5 gas flames) but the middle section similar size as front and rear does not light, is this normal the front and rear has 5 small holes but centre has none, not sure if its defect or normal. problem is when cooking the middle section does not grill as much as each end
feel like drilling 5 holes to match either end of the tube
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hi ,
waht model spinflo oven combi is it?
did it do this before and if not the jets /holes are probably blocked and the dealer would be the best place as its anearly new van.

Just fitted a brand-new oven/grill and yes, on the grill, only the front and rear (both sides) light. The middle section sort of just glows red when all is running. So, looks like it's meant to work like this, and it certainly does the toast okay :D
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