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Sprinter fault code P1470

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Hi there my sprinter keeps going into limp mode does anyone have any info on fixing this problem . The error code is p1470..
Thanks Ged
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Does this help?

P1470 Pressure Control Flap Vacuum Transducer (Y31/2)

The pressure control flap vacuum transducer operates the manifold pressure control flap to regulate manifold pressure.

PS, You threw me a bit putting it in the Fiat Ducato section, perhaps the mods could move into the Merc section.
1470 mercedes fault

tried the usual boost pressure control valve,and pressure switch.Test ran up motorway at speed always faulted after appx 30 miles 1470 boost pressure too high.316 sprinter only has 30,000 miles so didnt believe turbo could be at fault,stripped and found slight burr on variable wastegate which was causing overboost under load after 30+ miles
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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