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Static weight limits

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The maximum axle loads specified by manufacturers presumably relate to maximum loads when the van is actually being driven. These must include some margin for going up and down hills, braking and accelerating etc when the axle loads change because of weight transfer.

So presumably the maximum loads allowed when the vehicle is stationary are greater than those specified as MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass).

I'm thinking of the scenario when your van is at max allowable weight and you receive visitors when parked-up. If those visitors are... ahem, of generous proportions, will the tyres collapse or the axles break when they climb aboard?

There is a serious point here as it seems to me that it would be quite easy to exceed rear axle MTPLM if you have, say, a large person in the loo, another large person standing outside the loo door and yet another standing on the entrance step when the loo and step are located behind the rear axle at the rear of the vehicle.

Does anyone know how maximum static load relates to the MTPLM figures?
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the weights are based on whatever is on board at the time, but I don't think there would be any risk of anything going wrong "on site". Obviously if you are overloaded when driving, you run the risk of the brakes not working properly, tyres giving out (especially if they are old), and suspension etc being stressed due to too much roll / pitch.

But having a party on board with a few "larger" individuals, no problem (apart from space!) :roll: :wink:
I suspect that your motorhome will be able to sustain MUCH more weight statically than dynamically, for the reasons you've mentioned.
Nevertheless, with an , er, "unfortunate" distribution of guests of "ample proportions", I have (hilarious) visions of the whole shebang tipping up with its nose in the air. :lol:

PLEASE remember to have your camera with you for that (unlikely) event!!!
You will need to keep a set of scales outside you van to weigh your guests :D :D :D

You will be fine when on site with quiet a large overload, as your vehicle is not moving so no other forces are involved.

The vehicle manufacture will also have a fair tolerance on the vehicle component's as well.


Motorhome designers have already dealt with this scenario when designing motorhomes.

The habitation door is built to a european standard specifically in order to prevent the ingress of people of overly-ample proportions (I can't remember the exact wording as it is some time since i referred to the regulation).

Dealing with the 'queue of people at a rear mounted lavatory', the benefit of a long rear overhang is that should the vehicle tip up, the angle will be minimised due to the length of the overhang, and will remain within safe limits for a 'normal' person to be able to stand upright comfortably.

Should your motorhome be fitted with a non-compliant habitation door or a shorter rear overhang, you ought to, in the first instance, contact your dealer and ask why he has supplied a non-conforming motorhome and what exactly he will do about it.

The 'fit for purpose' consumer legislation will come in to play in the unlikely event that your dealer is unsympathetic.

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Phew! Thanks for the advice all. Although my mother-in-law does not conform to Euro standards she is still able to enter via the rear habitation door provided that she receives some assistance in the manner demonstrated by Benny Hill in the Italian Job (original version).

Clearly my van's door is inadequate and I should return the van and demand that a narrower door be fitted.

The rear overhang is relatively short and I am presently calculating the angle likely to be attained by the van during a short-term overload situation. I am particularly concerned as to the possibility of the Thetford suffering a loss of containment.

In order to record and monitor any dangerous situation I have set up a video camera in a suitable location as suggested above. Naturally in the event of an incident I shall place the video on this site for the instruction of fellow motorcaravanners.
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