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I used to have loads of reps calling on me years ago as a manager of a maintenance department and despised them calling me in MY time.

We never ever answer the phone when we are having meals, they will always call back, though with the 1471 service you can now choose to call them back.

Usually you only need to sat TPS which stops them. Or is your feeling wicked let the have their speal and agree to their reps calling to measure up for some nice new windows, then ask them would the be able to invoice the housing association direct! Always leave the phone off the hook after they have put their end down as it tends to block their line ;)

Some of the reps I had calling on me used to be so jumped up. They all usually ask what ‘car’ I have, as they have undoubtedly have the latest turbo Gti Ford etc. I always told them I had a Mercedes. They were always impressed with that. What model Steve, oh it’s a 307, don’t recognise that, is it a 5 series etc. Duno, it’s big though, oh look there’s one in the yard over there! Total look of disappointment on their face of being ‘had’ or confused as they’re looking for a saloon car.

Don’t you just love em?
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