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Stoping points on the way to Bordeaux, any suggestions

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Hi all,

My partner and I are traveling to the Bordeaux area for a 2 week break in our motorhome. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places to stop at on the way down and back up again. We want around 8/10 days on the coast so a couple of days each way at some interesting and easy to get to places i.e. easy to park the van or grab public transport (we don't tow a car).

Any suggestion would be appreciated but remember we need to get a good distance each day before stopping and not to far of the route to the coast near Bordeaux.


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Hi Andy if you enter your starting port you may get lots of advice.

Dave P

Three suggestions for you.
Ile de Re - St Martin Fortification, Salt Flats, Phare de Balen plus much more
Futuroscope (spelling) Not been but heard excellent things and its on my list.
Blaye (Beautiful Vauban fortification)

we stop here on the way down and here on the way back
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