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Stopping / Campsite in or near Kelso

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Afternoon all,
Off up to the Borders next week, specifically stopping at Kelso. Now I've managed to get a CL (Oatlands) just outside for Wed & Thur but can't find anything for Friday. Does anyone know of any decent wild spots round there, or am I generally just OK to park up?
I don't want to be too far from Kelso itself because that's where a rally is based that I'm doing, so it'll be a late finish / early start jobbie
I'm under the impression that you can wild anywhere in Scotland but how true is this, especially near towns etc?


Edit: Also searched UK campsite but nothing round there other than Springwood, which is no good for late finish/early start job
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Anywhere in the Borders is usually OK, no height barriers to contend with! There is a good bit in Jedburgh, as you leave to south a large car park. I have stayed there many times. You could also try up by the racecourse, that has a large car park.

Piper 1
Thanks for that Piper, I may struggle at the racecourse purely because that's where rally HQ is so they try & keep cars away, but good info cheers
If you try it shows the C&CC site in Jedburgh, a CC cl at Eckford and a couple of other cls near Ancrum ( about 13 miles from Kelso.
There is a car park near the Mayfield garden centre by the river in Kelso where it might be possible to overnight but i'm not sure if it's allowed,
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