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I dont know what its called but I want one Will describe it. Some call it an outside cooking kitchen and store. Made of canvas and is used to store items such as chairs, buckets and brushes etc Some keep an outside cooker in it. Large enough to walk into.

At present in Spain and will be in Dover mid July travelling up to Scotland via Carlisle. If anyone knows what I am talking about cause I dont and knows were I can get one would you please let meknow
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Is it something like >> This storage tent <<?

There's some "utility tents" at our local place: >> HERE <<

You can also get driveaway awnings, such as some of those shown >> HERE <<

Many thanks Geraldandannie just what I was looking for
We bought one of these from Argos about two years ago:>TENT.htm

It has been great, and it really is large enough to stand in. Floor area is about six feet square. But the price has risen significantly since we got ours for 39.99; it about 70 pounds now.
Or how about one of these - from the same Ebay seller that the other tent Geraldandannie located:|301:0|293:2|294:30

This looks similar to the Argos unit, but a better price and a more modern look.
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