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Strange star like visual effect on a Bridge in Spain

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It might be too much of the vino tinto, but has anyone else noticed a strange star like effect on a "suspension bridge" between Seville and Huelva on a road that was visible from the Autovia A49 I think.

The bridge is about 3-4 miles from the highway on the right side as you travel west. We saw a strange light and it seemed to be coming from the cables on the bridge and formed a star like refelction in the air. A bit like a mirage. We did manage to get a couple of photo's but they weren't very good.

What do you think it is? Looking closely it may be a tower rather than a brdige...
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Gosh colonel don`t say hes about to save us all again.

Anyway hows the retirement going.
i hope you have taken to it

Best regards

Dave P

Well done Clodhopper, mystery solved. How on earth did you find out about it? 8O 8O

Dave, don't worry I'll make sure Austin Powers doesn't get near us :wink: :wink: By the way I'm fine and now in Asturias area in Spain having spent the last few weeks in Portugal. Bumped into Botanyboy in Quarteira and I have been reading their ( Pat & Jim) blog today.

Weather still great - unbroken sunshine but a bit cooler than the Algarve. The heat was getting us down a bit and the lack of food choice but yesterday we found a hotel on the road to Oviedo and we both had Ham egg and chips ( or Jamon, Huevos and Patatas ) and it was absolutely superb.

Working our way back to GB for the summer now so save us a place on one of those Caravan Club sites eh?

:lol: :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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