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Stuff we probably wont think of

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Hi everyone - great forum..

We are picking up our first MH in a couple of days time and are jumping in at the deep end going straight to a camp site next weekend.

We are trying to think of everything we would need to get before we embark on our Journey - I have looked through the forum but can't see a list of things to get that you wouldn't think of unless you had been camping before.

My starter for 10 is below - if anyone wants to help and add to the list that would be appreciated: I'll post back here the most usefull thing we would have forgotten or best suggestion ;)

Thank you all for the replies - made the mistake of going to Camping International on the weekend with my credit card - list amended......

Small camping cooker
Plastic bags for bin
Plastic bags for wet clothing
5m hose pipe water
flat hose pipe water
various hose connectors
watering can
fold away table and chairs
Rechargeable lantern
Wind up torch
Kitchen roll
Gas Bottles
Alarm clock
portable radio
Fresh water bottles
Knifes forks spoons plates cups
Tea/cofffee making stuff
cooking pot/water boil
Thermos flask
First Aid kit
Toilet paper for Chemical Toilet
Organic stuff for Chemical Toilet
Ground mats
Dog tie downs and long leads
Dog poo bags
Spare Tent pegs (for awning)

Bedding - Kev n Liz
Towels - Kev n Liz
Medicines - Kev n Liz
Kitchen Roll - Kev n Liz
Kitchen tools - Kev n Liz
Hats - Kev n Liz
Electric lead - Jennifer
Spare keys - SpeedyDux
Matches - SpeedyDux
Ear plugs - SpeedyDux
Disposable Gloves - - SpeedyDux
Buckets - Bob 44
Phone Charger - Bob 44
Tools - Bob 44
Booze - teifiprt & Kelcat :)
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Hi, good luck on your first trip out, I hope everything is as you imagined

I'd take some bedding,
Towels, general bathroom stuff, maybe a few drugs such as Ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc, maybe a antihistamine, plus any drugs you are taking under docs orders, make sure you have enough before it's too late coz bless em it seems to take them at least 2 days to write one.

Corkscrew, ladle, spatula, kitchen roll, tissues, cuddly toy, hats of some kind.

Hi Rabbs & Welcome,

For Similar see:

Everyone will have their own individual list , the one we use is attached as an example to modify/personalise, perhaps.

Dont forget a rectangular bucket or two (We take THREE!)

There is lots more to be found within this site using the search facility - Happy Planning/MHoming!

Bob L


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How upset will you two be!
Two mentions for corkscrew - but no mentions for booze!
So just to help:

Red Wine
White Wine
Rose Wine (it is summer)
Something for a night cap
Assorted beers for new campsite friends!

you'll be forgetting yer heads next :wink:
Bob44 - great check list many thanks - thats Brill

Lots of stuff there - charger...
Ta -

But don't forget to take a note of what you forget.

Maggies first Q on arriving used to be; "You know what we have forgotten This time..."

Hence the list, continually amended, but we even forgot the List once :oops:
I would add to the list:

A spare set of keys



Disposable latex gloves :!: 8O

Welcome to the Forum

I may have missed this, but electric lead to hook up, unless you are wild camping of course!!! Oh, and don't forget the wine and corkscrew, an absolute must.
Thanks everyone for suggestions

The weekend away was a great success even though it rained most of yesterday evening we had a great time. MH and awning were brill, campsite was great. Any newcomers considering buying a MH stop considering and go get one....

Best thing I bought last minute was the waste hog - so glad I bought that as the waste pipe oulet tap on the MH is broken and left in open position...

Only thing we forgot was maps for walking!

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