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Summer Jobs / Working abroad Advice & help please ?

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Hi All / Anyone :D
I have done a search of past threads regarding summer jobs & working abroad. :idea:
Found a few links that members have posted :D
But has anyone any experience and personal recommendation's for such jobs :?:
We are prepared to go anywhere within Europe.
We have met people who have worked abroad, but sadly didn't take down any details as we had only just started fulltiming and too many places to discover :lol:
We are now very interested in the idea (& surely other members are too)
Any help/advice will be brilliant :D
Regards Catherine
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Ciao, just to give you a bump up really, but I
remember seeing Eurocamp & Keycamp advertising heavily for staff.


Sibli, Eurocamp etc etc are often looking for staff. Many of their sites though insist that you use their accoomodation - often a tent and shared at that.

There is a firm called Happy Camp - based near Verona in Italy and they allow you to use your own unit for accommodation.

Equally, you could just turn up on a private site and ask for work, or a couple of hours work per day for the pitch. This would invariably be tidying the showers/loos and gardening. You are unlikely to get work on a reception desk unless you speak some languages.

Remember I ended up working in a hiar salon in Italy!

McDonalds is a good choice too - lots of people there and a good chance to learn the language by repetion of the same few words.

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Summer Jobs / Working abroad Advice

Thanks Russel & Eddied :D
Will look into some of those suggestions 8)
My French is conversational & Spanish very basic so who knows what we may end up doing :wink:
Thanks again
PS don't mind work in the UK either and am fairly sure my English is KO :lol:
My experiences of casual working in Europe may be some many years ago but I guess the principles are the same.
The very naive Mr & Mrs Tonyt were wandering around Europe in the seventies, Ford Escort van - absolutely no frills - winter approaching so needed some work and accommodation.
Very simple really, you just knock on hotel doors until someone says you can work here. Board and lodging with a very basic wage - perfect to pass away the winter.
You just have to be prepared to do whatever work is available and sometimes it's pretty degrading.
We were "lucky", ski resort in Austria with every afternoon free to enjoy the slopes but the day started at 5.30am and finished when the last saucepan was shiny and clean and back on its shelf - often after 1am.

Glad we did it but never again. :)
Hi patp. :D
Thanks for the suggestion we had thought about Houseguards but wondered if anyone had any experience of working for them.
Hi tonyt. :D
Thanks for the post.
I shall make a note of avoiding ski chalets 8O as I know it would take me past my cocoa time :wink:
Regards Catherine
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