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Suzuki Burgman 650 do you tow one ?

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Hi do any of you tow one of these bikes ? I looked at the 400 but the 650 wins hands down. I have bought a easylifter trailer to tow it on the back. Not purchasred one yet but not far off it. TIA
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Depends what you want. I carry a Honda Vision 110 on a rack as its only 100kg wet. The Burgman is a humongous scooter but here's the thing. Do you need such a big beast behind your motorhome as the motorhome is doing all the tedious leg work? I recently sold my Piaggio BV350ST. That would have been more than adequate for a scooter you would tow behind the van and arguably at 170+kg some motorhome garages would have taken it without the trailer although it was quite a tall scooter. It went like sh1t of a stick. I tried a Honda Silverwing 600 before I bought the Piaggio and I reckon the Piaggio was just as quick up to about 60 and much much more nimble. I dont see the point personally in anything huge really as your only going to be touring about locally once you get somewhere.

I just bought a 3rd Gen Vstrom 650 and I would love to take that to the Alps or Pyrenees mind but its designed for that sort of thing. Not sure the big Burgman is, you would have more fun on the Honda Vision 110! :D
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Hi thanks for your input this is the info i am looking for. Are you 2 up on your bike ? Im 6.4 and my partner is 6 ft so small bikes will not cut it for us. Cheers
Always two up when away in the van with the little Honda. We did 5000 miles on it last summer on a five month trip. We are little and large really. Im 5ft 10 but 17st 12 and Mrs D is 5ft 4 and under eight stone. Its a compromise really. Obviously a bigger bike would be better but I dont want a trailer. In the 15 years we have had the Kontiki with the scooter rack on the back we are on our third scooter and the current Vision bought a year ago is our second. The one before that managed some of the highest passes in Europe two up albeit slowly up the hills. Most of the bigger scooters though have huge seats with ample pillion space. The bloke that bought my Piaggio BV350 was a big guy, six foot+. Its quite a tall scooter. Loads of room on the pillion also. They are rare though. Loads of good Burgman 400s about and parts, dealers will be easy for those. Have you tried one? Maybe get out on a few, see what you like.
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