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Swift Sundance 580pr Wrapped front End

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Hi ,

I'm new to this forum and After several years forced rest from Motorhoming we have decided to take the plunge and return to our former ways of Touring Europe in September , Spain and Portugal probably in September.
The reason I am posting in the Bodywork and Trim Section is , the Ducato vehicle has the full front end wrapped in a very attractive metallic plastic sheeting. We did believe this was a Swift Paint finish, but suspect it is an after work modification. There is no documentation on the materials used in my paperwork.
Having no experience of this process, the question is do any members have experience of the durability of the wrapping process.
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Depends on the quality of the material. Google it.
A wrap will last fom 3 to about 7 years dependant on the quality of material
Thanks for the replies guys. Cant google it, all I know is its wrapped.
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Looks like you'll just have to wait till it starts to peel - and hope it's a long time!

Welcome to the forum, and back to MHing.
How hard would it be to Google "How long will the wrap on my car last"?


materials used for wrapping cars

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Hi and welcome

It does look mighty smart though. Presumably there is a full paint job underneath so if it had to come off at some stage it wouldn't be the end of the world (unless it's covering a multitude of sins of course).
The decals on the door are a fairly clever effort if it is aftermarket. Not impossible to buy them or have them made of course, but getting the brown and the grey to be exact matches might be difficult.
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