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Tallin - a warning!

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We arrived in Tallin off the ferry last week and went straight to a car park which was recommended by other motorhomers, paid our 6 euros, settled down and went to sleep. In the morning I had just stepped out of the van when I was approached by a respectable looking man who asked me “how are you”, then informed me I was talking to a policeman and asked what were our plans for the day. Thinking he may not be too happy about us sleeping there overnight, I said we intended to see Tallin, then move on in the early evening. He advised me, VERY strongly, not to leave the motorhome there unattended – saying it would surely be broken into.

The only safe place to stay, he said, was in the campsite or in front of the central police station (you'll probably find itin your sat-nav, or on-line) - limited to 2 hours with tow-away if exceeded, but they may allow you to stay longer if you ask nicely!
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Do you mean car park instead of campsite 2 hours seems rather odd? Were there any other vans where you overnighted?

Read it again, think the clue is in the word "or"..... :idea:
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