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Taxing the van whilst out of UK?

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I have done a search without success.
I am away from mid June to mid July. The van tax runs out on 30th June.
How can I tax the van whilst out of UK? I believe I cannot tax it more than 14days prior to renewal date. I don't want to tax it on line due to high cost of mobile internet. Any suggestions?
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Ask a friend to do it for you?

Or find a free wifi connection!
We taxed ours while in Spain. Taxing it by telephone was easy but getting the new disk posted to us was slightly more difficult. We thought we had better have the disk as re-entering the UK without it (or using a printed copy from a scanned e-mail attachment) might result in complications with the UK Police, Regards, Alan.
And then get someone to post it to you, and hope the foreign postal service don't lose it

You can tax a vehicle 2 months early at a main post office, with the appropriate form. I can't remember which one, but I am sure you can google it. We have done this when going abroad for 3 months.
what you should have done ( I just have ) was to cash in your old disc before you went and retaxed it for the year

2 months...

You can tax a vehicle up to 2 months in advance at certain postoffices provided you have a reason.

I read about it at the DVLC website as my tax disc expires at the wrong end of summer.

What we do is Tax it for say six months to get it to a period where we wont be going abroad, example we got our Unit in June last Year and the company put 12 months Tax on it meaning I have to tax it for June, we go away in June so it is Ok but if we decoded to go early one year it could work out a problem, we always spend Xmas at Home with all the family so What I have done is tax it for six months this year time then In November I will tax it for the year, Then I wont have to worry in future.
This has been covered before. The above answers are partial only

First yes try to get your tax and MOT to synchronise with a time of year you are unlikely to be away

Second if your vehicle is less than 3 years old you can renew by phone or internet but the disc is sent to home and so you will have to have someone send it out to you

Third you can get an MOT at any tme so you can renew two months early for special reason at a main post office or regional car tax office either if less then 3 years old or if older than 3

You can spend money and surrender tax disc and then re tax to bring to convenient dates

You cannot retax if vehilcle older than 3 and you out UK as you can''t get an MOT
Thanks everyone. Phone seems to be best option. I did not realise you could tax so far in advance (from 5th of month) i thought it was 14 days prior to end of month.
Cheers :)
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