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Teleco Flatsat easy / Oyster Vll

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Thinking of buying an automatic satellite system for my motorhome, and I'm stuck between the Oyster Vll 85 and the Teleco Flatsat easy 85. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, jayco
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Hi Jayco. They are both good systems, I suppose its down to budget and the best deal you can get.

Its also worth asking people with Teleco how they get on with it... there seems to be less of those systems about than Oyster.

i have a teleco 85cm flat sat and it did not prove to be that flat, while i was up scptland the wind caught hold of it on the move at about 65mph and took it clean off at the arm,i didnn,t even know it was gone until a biker followed me and told me he tought it was a ufo coming for him :eek: .which leads me on to does anybody know where i can get a new dish for this system. John.

Both systems are well tried and tested, the Teleco won the best satellite award in Germany last year, the choice would be between weight, closed height, manual tuning.

The flatsat is speed tested to 160kmh and in 80kmh winds, is the dish fitted facing the rear of the van ?

Re: teleco

aughanure said:
i have a teleco 85cm flat sat and it did not prove to be that flat, while i was up scptland the wind caught hold of it on the move at about 65mph and took it clean off at the arm,
That's why I went for a dome, first a Camos and now a TracVision. I can use it in any weather conditions, whereas I was always having to wind down my dish when there was a strong wind.

The downside of course is that the dish is smaller but I was getting Astra 2 way south of the Dordogne and almost down to Rome. As soon as it couldn't get Astra 2 it switched to Astra 1 and I still got British news programmes south of Naples.

There is no arguing though that an 85 cm dish will be better the further south you go, but I suppose that you decide what's most important for you, a wider reception area or all-weather usage. It's not much use being able to get Coronation Street in Spain if you can't raise the dish because there's a gale blowing!
We have a 85cm Teleco Flatsat on our Bolero and we have found it to excellant, we can get all channels all the way down to Barcelona. One of the good things is how low it sits when the dish is down, you can't see it from it from the side.

my dish is folding down to the fromt of the van which i didn,t install myself and is exactly why it went airborne but it it seems to be the only way it can fit without interferring with something else. if a smaller dish would fit onto this system i would go for that.Any ideas nick.
I have to agree totally with missmollie.We've never had any problems - does exactly what it says on the tin!
First my appologies for the thread hijack but it may be of use to others with dishes so feel it slightly justified.

The dish should always face to the rear where possible, larger dishes do need more space on the roof to do this, it is possible to reduce the size of a teleco and oyster system by fitting the smaller dish, arm and lnb fixing.

The Teleco system can be rotated on the fixing plate, the oyster can only sit on the plate in one position as the studs are not equally positioned.

In some circumstances it is possible to fit sideways on but this does carry more of a risk that the dish could be blown up while travelling .

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