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Tellington T Touch

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Has anyone any experience of the using/training a dog using the Tellington T Touch system?

Is so was it any use? How quickly did it start to work?

Many thanks

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I have used ttouch on my dobe and the fosters we have and have just begun practitioner training. What are you seeking ttouch to help you with?
Should have said that I sought help for our dobes fear of screeching fireworks, we live near a firing range so the bangs are not an issue. Anyhow a session with a ttouch practitioner and we had a dog that would settle/sleep within about 10-15 mins as opposed to running around, dribbling and panting/shaking for hours.
I was hoping that it would help a rather tense/stressed dog to relax and also not to start at loud noises. The dog also is very head shy.

As I'm in Bristol I thought about using the Sarah Fisher et al in Farmborough.

Definitely, go for it. I attend there for the training courses, and they will assess your dog and work out a plan to help calm the dog and also support you being able to do ttouch to add to the benefits.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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