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Tesco Vouchers trade in value changing

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I've just had an email from Tesco Clubcard telling me that the trade in value with its partners is going from x3 the value down to x2. Not great if, like us, you use them for the tunnel.

Email received from Tesco below:-

As one of our loyal Clubcard members, we wanted to let you know that we are making a change to how you use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers with our Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners. And to reassure you that you’ll still be able to use your Tesco Clubcard to unlock great value.

We’re doing this to make sure we can continue to provide you with a wide range of exciting rewards, whilst keeping our product prices low.

Here's how our Clubcard Reward Partner scheme is changing
From 14 June**, when you exchange your Clubcard vouchers for a Reward Partner code, they’ll be worth up to 2x as much, not up to 3x the value, as they are now.

Tesco Clubcard continues to have the biggest and most generous Reward Partner scheme with access to over 100 Reward Partners at 2x your Clubcard voucher value. So you can still make great savings on everything from family fun, dining out, cinema trips and more.

To give you extra time to decide when to use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers with Reward Partners, we’re extending the validity period on Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner codes ordered from 17 March until 13 June so that they’re valid for 12 months†, rather than the usual 6 months. So don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to use them at their current value before we make the change.
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Yes, I also got the email, which is rather disappointing, we generally get a free Eurotunnel once a year with the vouchers.. should just about get it this year before the offer changes
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