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Text darkened and logo added

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To help our members i have darkened the text in a few areas around the site, hope this helps for viewing etc and i have also added a logo to this theme seeing as it will be around for a few weeks.
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Hello Dave

The main site is heaps better as far as contrast of print with backgroundis concerned. font size could be a bit bigger.

I cant see the tiny pale print on this message box here though.

Is it possible to increase the contrast of the font here please?

BTW I get "No topics or posts met your search criteria" message when I ask for my posts since last visit. Just asked & I have been out since just about midday.

Thanks ever so

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peejay said:
Hi Elizabeth and welcome back,

Have you tried all three 'theme' options?

Some are easier on the eye than others.

Hello PJ

Yes have tried them all Aprhrodite is not too bad bbut george has found in the control panel a disabled icon where folk with impairment of varying degrees can alter the size and contrast of the print and look of page. Its brilliant for times like now in the evening when it was becoming impossible to visit a lot of the sites. Once set up if i8 need to i just press lalt +shift+print screen and it blows everything up. press them again & the screen returns to normal. The worst bit i find at the moment since Dave has been tweaking etc is with all three of the skins the print when writing a post is very wee & very pale & I cant see it at all without usin the facility george found.
Dave is doing a great job & site is looking good though dont you think.

peejay said:
Just tried alt/shift/prtscreen as you say and it works fine for me as well. It seems there are quite a few advantages to this new site that weren't available on the old one so its not as bad after all (!)

Yes i am a lot happier now I can read the posts etc. Staring at the skin as it first was was a bit like being snow blinded. I find my eyes dont get so tired using the disabled icon facility or as I really prefer to call the less able icon.

Hope it helps others. I did post abot it in one of the replies in under the poll results so others perhaps mightfind it.

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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