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The BIG DAY :)

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Well Stuart is fast approaching the date when he is happy enough with his script and beta testing to import the users and posts back on to the site :)

In fact he has progressed so well that we are now confident of being able to do an almost transparent import back to how the forums and users used to be.

If you want to be credited with your old posts and also making it easier for users to contact you regarding them etc, then please go into your profile here:- and ensure that your email address is the same one you used before the crash. If you have access to more than one email account and you used a different one last time, then change it back to your old one until after the import is complete.

All the users from the old site will be imported :) any duplicates will be discarded ;)

The timescale for the import we are looking at will be at the forthcoming weekend, so hopefully all fingers and sweaty palms crossed we will suddenly jump from around the 1000 mark up to around 7,000 users by Monday :)

The forums posts are good news as well, Stuart has resolved any issues and can at present import them into a seperate forum with them linked to their original poster etc as before, but even better he is looking into modifying the script to put the posts back into their original forum section as well, so basically if the tests work out and the import into the test database goes well then the site would pretty much be back to exactly the same as before the crash :)

On a seperate note i have almost finalised a couple of mh related manufacturers/shops who look likely to offer our subscribers a discount )
If anyone knows of any firm who would be able to offer discounted products of interest to our subscribers then please let me know asap.
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Great work Stuart and Dave very pleased all is not lost. I assume the gallery is not being imported so any posts with pics from them will be minus the pics?

Pity I will have to wait to see the results but we are also off this week. I look forward to seeing the results on our return , will keep a look out for you Gillian.

Safe travelling

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