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The latest performance technology

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Simple and cheap add on
cheaper than chipping

Alan H
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wow just ordered mine itll double my mpg whilst lowering my bhp, they claim i should get 58 miles to a gallon , and easy to fit cant wait !!!!!
I can guarantee that this inovative system is very likely to match the startling claims made by those who sell magnets for the fuel lines.
Just need to find our Bessies favourite food now an we will be over 300 BHP and maybe upto 50MPG

yippee.... :D :D :D :D

I have been using a beta carotene additive to my hymer for about a year now.
The before and after dyno showed a 15% increase in power through the rev range.


Headlights are better and just seem improved at night!

Like a fool I have used fuel additives and gadgets, tin balls in the tank, magnets on the fuel line and I had to take them off cause my tank was overflowing all the time,

One question if they work why don't the manufacturers use them ?


This is a continuation of the spoof ebay advert

Beta-carotene is the molecule that gives carrots their orange colour

I think that beta-caratene might just do the trick.

Three things -

It will make headlights appear brighter because eating carrots improves night vision, well known fact discovered in WW2.

The other effect that beta-caratene has is on the motor-neurone system to the right foot. It weakens the amount of pressure that you can exert on the accelerator pedal. Hence the improvement in fuel consumption.

Third is that it affects the sensory balance system by which one determines motion. It makes you think that you are going faster than you actually are.

So, you are not supposed to put into the fuel tank, you should drink it instead.

But do remember to dilute it with the appropriate volume of snake oil - vitally important!

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I once (a long time ago) put a Tiger in my tank.

All you could see was a bit of its' tail sticking out of the filler cap.

Esso -Esso it's off to work we go!!!


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