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The weather today?

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Just an idea for a new type of thread, what's the weather like where you are today.

Here in not very sunny at all Keighley, just south of the North Yorkshire border it is snowing hard, (we're at 980 feet) very windy, and quite cold too.
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We are lucky living within 400 metres of the coast although the temp was to 31c today the night temp will be close to the sea temp which is 20c
Currently 37C and it drops to 28 at night, humidity high though which makes for a very sticky sleep on top of all bed covers (top is just empty duvet cover anyway - makes a good sheet to lay on….).
I still have proper top sheets.
It has hit 30 degrees here in Cheltenham!
It's going to be 32 degrees here in Cheltenham today!

A high of 32c promised here today was going into Bilbao today but as they are promised a high of 40c today will stay close to the sea
The same temps in Spain and Cheltenham in August. That's a bit mad :D
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Quite warm here…..

No coast within 3 hours driving to keep close to, and in between here and the sea is even hotter - due to forest fires in Gironde.
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Weather site says it's 31c here but checking the temp indicator it's reading 35c. But either way it's blooming warm outside and I wonder why we are going to another BBQ.?

29.4C at the moment. There is a breeze though.
At 10pm, more than a breeze it suddenly got very windy. Forecast has changed its mind how hot it will be for the next few days, each days temperature is 1 or 2 degrees less. As long as we kept in the shade today it was very pleasant, we sat outside until 8.30 when it started getting too cool to be comfortable.
Very hot and sticky at present 28.9C outside….
We got up to 32 degrees here in Cheltenham yesterday and 33 is forecast for today.

We are off home this morning though but there will be little respite as 32 is forecast there as well in our little part of west Wales.
Not quite as warm as forecast today 😕
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40° as I exited Mercadona just now.
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31 in Carmarthen but only 29 in our valley.
Currently 37 and ^ about 0.7 degree per hour. Forecast high of 39+ around 1700.
Ours is similar, currently 29.9 outside….
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