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There really is no better motorhome than a VW !!

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Ok, nice site guys first of all.

Anyway, discuss. There really is no better motor home than a VW.

Lets be honest, the VW base is way beyond anything any other manufacturer can produce and the resale and build quality go on forever.

Who on earth wants one of those horrible white plastic things with solid rear axles and several tonnes of assorted camping clutter attached on all over the place ?

How many people have blown their retirement funds on coachbuilts and then only managed to use them a few days a year. The magazines are full of them for sale with only a few miles on them.

For me and day to day practicality, nothing can beat a good old volkswagen. As a community, us VW owners are a bread apart from the rest !!

Atis, proud owner of a 1972 Devon Bay and a new T4.
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