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Thermal silver screen fitting

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Have just bought an external thermal screen cover from Fiamma. One side is silver foil material, the other is grey padded material ( much like an ironing board cover ).
The instructions are badly translated fron original italian , and state the silver foil side goes against the window . Can this be right for maximum effectiveness from solar gain ?? Surely in summer the foil should be on the outside side ??
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U can usually tell by the corner pockets which go over the doors. U then close the doors and Bobs ur uncle, no 1 can nick it.

All the best Wilt
As far as I can remember from my school days, silver bounces heat back and black absorbed it - so I'd say they were right. The black will absorb the heat from the sun and the silver will reflect heat that's trying to escape from the cab. Of course you could always turn it round if you want to keep cool inside!
Thanks for replies - exactly my dilemna ! The door attachments suggest silver is inside but my science teacher gave me the same impression about heat loss . Perhaps I should have been clearer - my main aim is to keep cool. So silver inside for summer , outside in winter ?
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