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Thunderbird problems

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Hi can anyone give me some reasons/clues why suddenly this is happening:

I use this PC (my main one with googlemail) but I download all my mail into Thunderbird on my laptop - it has usually always downloaded whatever emails are left on the server (all of them, as I don't delete them) so it may well be 400 or 600 in between my downloading them, so no problems,

Suddenly when I try to update the laptop, it will seem to download, 8 or 12 or 20 at a time and I have to keep pressing download after each little packet that comes down. I have not altered any settings at all, so why is this

Anyone have any thoughts or ways to speed it up, as I am having to sit by the laptop and do it every minute or so?


Edited about 5 minutes later - clicked the Get Mail - and it said no messages left on server. I was only up to 13th May - so there are loads.... so clicked again, now it is downloading 517... whatever is causing this erratic behavior - I have been here for 30 mins now trying to download them, it is driving me mad...and I am trying to sort the mh out we are off for its habitation check...

Edited a few minutes later -

Just checked and it downloading duplicates from MARCH.... URGHHH
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Search for the add-on "MultiXpunge", download it, and run it. It may be your folder(s) require to be compacted and reindexed.

If that doesn't work, go to Tools >> Account Settings, click on "Server Settings" and copy the "Local Directory" (bottom right) location to clipboard.

Then, create a new profile (Google for it), then re-create your mail account(s), then in Tools >> Account Settings, click on "Server Settings" and paste the "Local Directory" (bottom right) back in from your original profile.

When a profile goes wrong, it can do lots of things which are very difficult to unearth. Compacting folders is the first step, followed by creating a new profile if that doesn't work. You'll need to start Tbird in the correct mode to allow you to choose which profile you want (you can set the new one to Default if it works).

Join the Tbird forums - they're excellent.


Thanks will have a try.

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