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Search for the add-on "MultiXpunge", download it, and run it. It may be your folder(s) require to be compacted and reindexed.

If that doesn't work, go to Tools >> Account Settings, click on "Server Settings" and copy the "Local Directory" (bottom right) location to clipboard.

Then, create a new profile (Google for it), then re-create your mail account(s), then in Tools >> Account Settings, click on "Server Settings" and paste the "Local Directory" (bottom right) back in from your original profile.

When a profile goes wrong, it can do lots of things which are very difficult to unearth. Compacting folders is the first step, followed by creating a new profile if that doesn't work. You'll need to start Tbird in the correct mode to allow you to choose which profile you want (you can set the new one to Default if it works).

Join the Tbird forums - they're excellent.

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