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The belt should not need replacing until 5 years have elapsed or you do very high mileage.

If your vehicle is five years old, whatever the mileage, then have the belt replaced – not replacing it and then having the belt break could be catastrophic for the engine and your bank balance.

Most garages will advise you that the water pump should be replaced at the same time and it is considered sensible to do that.

I had the belt and pump on mine done on my 2013 2.3 150 Ducato engine in 2018 for £375 at a Commercial Garage – it may not be the cheapest but I knew they do Ducato vehicles on a regular basis and are used to doing the procedure.

Any garage who service Ducato should be reasonably priced but if you use a Fiat Dealer expect to pay top notch prices – I was quoted silly money for the belt and pump change by my Local Fiat Dealer.


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