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To Judder Or Not To Judder?

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Hi All, in a couple of weeks time my new Elddis Suntrekker 140 on a peugeot 2.2 will be going in for it’s four week check.
I would like to know from members about your experiences with the eradication of the dreaded judder and on a scale from 1 to 10
was the cure successful (10 being fully cured) Also, did you have trouble getting it done, and how long was you without your MH for. The reason I ask is that my MH has a judder but not as some say, “shaking me out of the drivers seat” but as I am a professional driver covering thousands of miles each week delivering new cars I know that it’s not ideal, nor should there be any amount of judder. But is it more hassle getting it done
than living with it, has anyone had added problems after getting it sorted.
.............Many Thanks Pete.
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The first thing that you need to do is to report it to Fiat Customer care and get a case number.
....and after that have a read of:
It'll have to be a skim read I think as there's over 200 pages.
As you've a Peugeot you may have a better chance of an improvement....but "cure" ??

I could say why on earth persuaded you to buy it, presumably knowing there was a problem but I won't :wink:

And don't forget the judder is just a symptom

( I fear we may be starting another full blown "judder" thread here if we're not careful- hence my suggestion that shezza reads up on it :roll: )
rowley said:
The first thing that you need to do is to report it to Fiat Cu
stomer care and get a case number.
It is a Peugeot.

Fiat are not eactly falling over themselves to help Fiat based motorhome owners.
Hi all!
I'm new 'ere(..normally over on ukcampsite)
Sorry,I don't want to drag up,what for some,must be a "tired" subject but can someone please tell me if this fault is evident from day one(..easily noticable during a decent test drive?) or is it something that may develope over time? :?
Our little Compass(2.2HDi swb),seems fine and I've had the remap done(..didn't notice any effect from that either way, to be honest!?) but as we're looking at changing vehicles within the next year or so,I'd just like to keep "up to speed" on this!
(..I'd prefer something on a twin wheel Transit but that does limit our chioce somewhat! :roll:
Hi Pete
We have an 09 Peugeot bases MH and it did have a slight judder.
Like you say not shaking as bad as some people report but a judder all the same.
When I took the MH for 1000 mile check I asked them to check the reverse gear and they agreed that there was a judder. The dealer immediately phoned Peugeot who asked them to carry out some checks using a computer linked to the engine. The information was sent to Peugeot who authorised the warranty work. The MH was booked in the following week and the work took 2 days. As far as I know they fitted a new lower reverse gear and new drive shaft.

I have not been able to assess the degree of success because we have been unable to use the MH because my husband has just had bypass surgery but we are hoping to be travelling again in a couple of weeks.

I think that the work provides improvement rather than a complete cure but if you don't have the work done that Peugeot recommend the long term warranty may be affected so I would have the work done.
Hope this helps
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I know they are all built in the same joint venture factory - but surely the Peugeot 2.2 isn't in anyway (other than looks) a Fiat, as it has a Peugeot/Citroen HDi engine with a Peugeot/Citroen clutch and gear box.

The larger ones 2.3 and 2.8/3.0 litre are pure Fiat the smaller 2.0/2.2 litres were I thought almost pure PSA group.

Or am I missing something.
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