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Toilet Chemicals for MH

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Hi Everyone,
Taking delivery of first MH in approx 3 weeks. Can anyone recommend what chemicals we should use in our toilet and how does one go about empying the cassette??

Also for bed linen is there a specialist company who does this? Any recommendations.

Thanks all,

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Hello Mark, and welcome to MHF.

We have only used Thetford's own chemicals for the cassette. We tried the green version, which is supposed to be a little more environmentally friendly (though you are still told to dispose of it in the same way) but we found it required higher dosages. We also found that putting in less than the recommended dose of the blue one was a false economy.

As far as bedlinen goes I would recommend my solution if you are buying a van where you have to remake the bed each day. That is - buy a mattress topper that fits the bed - you know, a foam pad about 1.5" thick, and then make out of a sheet a fully-fitted 'case' for it. You don't need any fancy zipping or fixing arrangement - just an overlap and a couple of ties. Put the mattress topper in this and then when you make the bed you just pull it out of the cupboard and lay it on the cushions. Whack on your duvet and , Hey Presto, the bed is made! Turn it over after one week and you have fresh linen!

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We got a SOG so don't need 'chemicals' for the WC . . as for bed stuff - normal sheets [fitted or flat] and duvet, the advice re 'mattress topper' is 100% and it makes a LOT of difference in comfort, look in 'Argos' as they seem to be cheaper.
Mattress topper's are great, but you have to find somewhere to store them when not in use, and they can be rather bulky!

If you are short of storage space, a good quality double (or kingsize)sleeping bag can be the answer.
Hello Mark,

We use Thetford Pink Concentrated stuff and we also always splash a little Dettol inside the cassette and around the loo pan after having emptied and refitted the Cassette.

How to empty the Casette?
This takes a lot of words to describe all the various actions but once you have seen it/done it a couple of times its a doddle. (There may even be a Video somewhere on the net) Your best bet is to insist on a demo when you collect the vehicle and familiarise youselves with the various fittings and parts for the future.

Also ascertain exactly which Model you will be getting for future reference should you need any parts.

Very reliable - Don't worry about the SOG for now as the basic Thetford is well adequate for it's task.

See also

Our love to 'the auld sod'

Bob & Maggie at Sunny Southsea

PS There is a funny tale somewhere on this site about the Thetford Blue Solution and some False Teeth - Search it up when you have time and need a laugh!!
Likewise: Pusser and Two Loos la Trek......
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Hello Mark!

Just to keep you on your toes...

Although we have a new Thetford C250 with SOG, we still put something in the tank. Now I prefer the BLUE for the fragrance!

But if you tour certain areas, such as Scotland, where they rely on septic tanks to manage their waste, then blue must NOT be emptied into them. The formaldehyde destroys the bacteria which breaks down the waste in the septic tanks.

In which case, GREEN fluids should be used as these preserve the bacteria.

But we're different... we use Vanish PINK, not white as that has bleach in it (AuntieSandra said!) When using Vanish Pink, we can empty our waste into septic tanks.

So there you go...

Now then, bedding... My research suggests that you have a fixed corner bed, just like us. AuntieSandra has decreed that we take sheets and duvet, and our own comfort pillows. Our bed is left made up throughout the day. It's handy for my nap(s)!
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Hi All,
I've started using the blue 'teabags' for my toilet, no liquid just add water. They are really convenient, especially as I hadn't put the lid back on properly of my last bottle of blue liquid, so the air was blue as well as the spill!! :lol:


I used to use pink fluid in my flusher, but this les to a problem with algae. Have a read of this link. The link below also has another link within it about algae.

In the cassette, I use a blue fluid called "Blue Diamond". It is like Thetford Blue but a bit cheaper.

To clean the cassette, rinse it out after use with water and give it a good shake. Every now and again, I put a few litres of cheap fizzy pop in the cassette, along with a dishwasher tablet.

For the bedding, you can get made to measute bedding from Jonic - they exhibit at the shows or online

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we use elsan double green its easier to store and it does the jobbie
Regarding mattress toppers, the Co-Op near to me is selling memory foam toppers at half price, £50 for a double, £40 for a single I think. Not a bad price.
Emptying the cassette is a bit of an art. I always wear disposable rubber gloves (mainly to stop any 'loo blue' getting on my hands). If you have used it for (how can I put this delicately?) solids, you need to be really thorough and rinse it out several times, swirling and shaking the cassette each time, remembering to press the yellow button. I also take the slide out and clean the slide and blade carefully. After you have set off and travelled a couple of hundred yards, you will soon know whether you have emptied it properly or not!
bedding and loo,s

hi, look out on ebay for memory foam toppers, or bid tv or ideal world.we have bought from both one for home one for van.both cost around £25-£35.with regard to the loo all of the above,i use zflora at the end of trips just to freshen the cassette.lin.
I had a SOG fitted which has made a noticeable difference. I also add a small amount of Elsan Organic liquid after each emptying. Wears shorts and Crocs or flip flops the first couple of times you empty the cassette as it is easy to hose down your legs after you empty the contents down yourself!!

As regards bedding - we have 2 single beds which are permanently made up which is preferable for us. We had purpose made bedding from Jonic which is excellent as the beds are slightly different sizes. We also bought memory foam toppers from them which are unbelievably comfortable - well worth the investment. :lol:

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