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Re: TT Classic external receivers.

bill said:
a. If mounting the receiver high up on the luton is the receiver likely to come with sufficient cable? Shouldn't be a problem running a cable through the Ducato doors.
b. Any suggestions on attaching the receiver to the luton? Velcro/suction pad.
c. Has anyone used one of their roof vents to mount the receiver? If so has it worked well?

Hi Bill
I dont have a Tom Tom but I can answer a few of your questions from my own experience with an external reciever.

a. Yes, it will have enough cable to run from the roof of the luton to the cab, I used the roof vent to run the cable rather than through the door.
b. Mine came with a magnetic base and the option of an adhesive pad. I used the adhesive pad.
c. Yes, it worked very well, I had no problems with reception.

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