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TomTom Home connection times

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Ciao tutti, received advice via email that a map update was ready. Colnnected my TomTom Go 710 one hour 54 mins ago via a WiFi broadband connection and it is still downloading map. Do I abort, or just stick it out?
saluti, eddied
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Hi Stick with it - It takes 8 - yes eight hours where we are, and no it is not my computer - just very very slow HIGH SPEED broadband!
Yes it takes an age specially at busy times, so long as the progress is moving you should be fine up to 4-6 hours. The download of europe on a full map is about 1.8gb.
Go for a long walk.

Took 45 mins for mine but if I were you I would cancel, wait until 0300 and do it again when you will be the only one using there server.

p.s. No rush as all the countries are in exactly the same place as before. 8O
The thing that annoys me when you do map updates, is it over-writes favourites, camera alarm tones, and some other settings.

I have asked TomTom if you can back up and then restore selective settings, but have had no reply.

Anyone know a way around this, or should I just suffer it, and re-enter the settings/data?
My POI's and alarms stayed as woz. Only odd thing was time went back an hour.
My POI's stay, but all Favourite's are wiped out, and any settings, such as camera alarms which I have changed from the default, are changed back to the default settings.

My clock/time has changed when updating maps, but not this last time!!!
If it was available on CD, I'd have it then, I hate downloading updates, especially tomtom ones, as I use three tomtom satnavs, and Tomtom Home is always saying they're not my registered unit, well it couldn't be could it, seeing as I sent it back as non working and it doesn't accept my replacement, I sent loads of emails to them asking how to register at least one of the ones I actually can use, but not a single reply yet.


I did look at this before and their is a reason for it.

If you trawl through the map folder opening the files in notepad until you find your favorites they are stored as name and logtitude and latitude, you could then remove this file and put it back once you have done the upgrade.

Having said that it always wipes on map upgrades and one favorite would not work from a uk map in a euro map, I've always put this down to map corrections etc changing details.

you could always try it if needs be. I found the POI creation toll on this site excellent for adding sites that im visiting and that does not get wiped out.
Just got an email from tomtom with a voucher code, if anyone wants it, they can have it, it's for £8.00 just send me a PM.


It'd be nice to have the update though. :wink: :wink:
TomTom updates

:D Ciao tutti, and thanks for all your replies. In the end the whole process took 2 and a half hours, including a back-up. Way too long for me, my patience threshold doesn't stretch so far. However 'schadenfreude' and all that seeing as some of you have an even longer process :roll:
Won't be updating again in a hurry.
So thats where my favourites went!
I have no room left on the memory of my tomtom 730 although I had until the last update which I had to donwload to sd card. Anyone know if the machine reads from the sd card and machine simultaneously or do I need to remove some stuff from the tomtom?
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