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Do you have TomTomGo gps in your van? and where do you place it ....on the facia or clipped from the windscreen or side window.
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Tomtom Go

Hi Phylymann, Recently bought one of the new tomtom go 300`s for our swift suntor 600s, tried to use the suction mounting device to lock it onto the facia, but due to the somewhat dimpled effect of the facia it would`nt adhere in any way.
So eventually decided it had to go on bottom of windscreen, and eventually ended up slightly to the left of the steering wheel, and about three inches from bottom of screen, tried several positions before this but seemed to get some reflection and glare on the screen from elsewhere.
Did also find, dont know if you saw my other mails, that I needed an external antenna to pull the sats in adequately, but anyway find this position seems to suit me best, hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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