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Just seen this on an Ozzie motorhome site and thought i would share it :)

Top 10 reasons to travel in a motorhome:

1. When we get hungry, we just pull over and fix lunch.

2. Our nice, CLEAN bathroom is with us wherever we go without searching for rest areas.

3. We always have the right clothes for whatever season or unexpected temperature change.

4. No more paying nightly motel rates and costly motel taxes.

5. No more arriving at the motel and finding you forgot to pack some of your essentials.

6. No crowded airports, security checks, overbooked flights or lost luggage.

7. We can visit friends and relatives with less impact on their privacy and hospitality.

8. No more juggling suitcases, bags and coats to motel rooms located up a flight of stairs and down two hallways from the car.

9. No more packing, unpacking, packing and repacking at each stop.

10. We have the best scenic view through our 44 square foot picture window, compared to the six-square foot view through a car windshield.

Anyone got any more to add ??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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