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Tour de France-----with a difference

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How the French reintegrate their prisoners back into society :lol:

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Tour de France - for prisoners

Heard a programme on the French radio station France Inter the other day, recorded inside a "holding" prison, talking to long-term prisoners and staff - it was called " J'ai pris Perpete", which means "I got Life" . . . it sounded as though these cyclists would be selected from guys who were almost ready for release.

They reported on a similar exercise where they took them climbing in the mountains, and one of the prisoners who went said the thing that really blew him away was sitting at a café and being given an ordinary table knife to use instead of the tiny plastic knives he was used to.

Some were men who would have been released long ago if they hadn't tried to escape, misbehaved etc.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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